Thursday, July 18, 2013

Marketing on a shoestring...

As an indie author/publisher, I'm always looking for a way to increase the visibility of my books.  And, I've still got my day job.  So, I am especially interested in finding inexpensive options!  I'm quite new at this, but I thought I'd share a few things I've learned this last go-round.
1) I'm launching my third book, Silver Verity, this coming week, so I put the first two books up for free on the days leading up to the launch.  **I have seen this argued both ways, of course.  Many say that "giving away" one's writing is a very bad idea.  Others say it's a great way to get people who otherwise would never spend $ on an indie/new/both author.  Me?  I'm still experimenting.  I really don't think I'll lose, though, especially since I'm writing a series and the books build on each other.
2) Word of mouth is amazing!  I have a Facebook page (more on that later) and people who have liked it are reaching out to tell their friends for me!  People I have never heard of (and who have never heard of me) now have a solid recommendation from someone they know.  **Here again the free promotional days comes into play.  These people now have two reasons to give my books a try!
3) Social media.  (Not without its costs.  I'm actually an introvert.  Yup.)  This is another great way to increase visibility without spending money.  But, very high maintenance.  Having a Twitter account isn't enough, one must actually tweet.  And it is advisable to have accounts with multiple social media platforms because that increases your potential audience.  These platforms can be used to keep people's attention between major events, to alert them to major events, and to respond to their concerns.  **And another reason for the free event.  Now I have something to say on all of these platforms!
Another reason I use them is that they are free, monetarily speaking.  As an introvert, I find it quite challenging to keep up with each of the accounts I have.  I think Twitter suffers the most, probably because I neither write nor think in 140 characters blurbs.  ;-)  So how did I find myself with accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and a blog?  I wrote a book!  I don't expect to get rich (anytime soon :-P ) but I think it would be great if my books could pay their own way!  Money spent on copyright fees, cover photos, ISBN's, marketing, etc., will at least ideally be recouped as a result of putting them up for sale. 
Now that I've shared my secrets (I use the word loosely), perhaps you would share yours!  If you can't comment below, please find Silver Sagas on Facebook or email me directly at  Reference the blog post and I'll be glad to add your comments!