Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You're invited...

     Rebecca looked doubtfully at the handwritten invitation the page handed her.  She was slowly growing accustomed to "being in demand," but some things still took her by surprise. 
     "What is it, darling?" her mother asked from where she sat, deftly feeding the baby.
     "I am not sure," she admitted.  "Tell me what you think."  With that, she turned to face her mother and read, "You are cordially invited to travel to the depths of Fairydom with Lea Carter, author of the Silver Sagas series."
     Her mother frowned, not quite sure what the "depths" being referred to entailed.  Absent-mindedly she wiped up the mashed peas that the baby was drooling and waited for Rebecca to continue.
     "Beginning July 18th, Silver Princess will be available free of charge.  Beginning July 20th, Silver Majesty will be available free of charge."  Rebecca stopped, perplexed.
     "Silver Princess?" her mother echoed, raising both eyebrows.  "I wonder exactly what those books are about!"
     Rebecca nodded and finished, "Should you wish to read more of the Silver Sagas series, Silver Verity will be available for purchase on July 24th."
     "Well," her mother set aside the rest of the vegetables after the baby consistently pushed the spoon away, "this Lea Carter has certainly peaked my curiosity."