Friday, July 19, 2013

Re Disney's latest turkey

I just read an article on The Lone Ranger.  The article itself is mostly concerned with the numbers ($250 million to make the show vs. $17 million in ticket sales), which makes sense as it's in the MSN Money section.
I am pleasantly surprised that the movie was such a fiscal disaster.  I knew it was a film-making disaster from the previews.  Oh, there were catchy lines ("Those two have trouble staying dead.") and plenty of action.  But I could tell that the show was going to depend on the action.  If you'll permit me an analogy, that's like trying to live on alcohol.  It shocks the system, dulls the senses, depresses the spirit, and has no real substance.  Personally, I think that Walt Disney would cry if he saw what his name and brand have come to be associated with.
Why am I writing this if I never even saw the movie?  Because I've watched other movies, the ones that taught me to recognize (from a distance) movies that will disappoint. 
Things to watch for: 
1) The trailer has only one type of music - loud and fast. 
2) The trailer features multiple (if not solely) scenes featuring massive explosions, bloody fights, and dark rooms.
3) The "hero" never smiles in the trailer.
4) The studio spent more than $11 million making it.
5) You have no idea who the actor/actress playing the leading role is.
6) People who have completely opposite taste in movies (from yours) are raving about how excited they are to go see it. ;-)

So, #6 begs the question of my taste in movies.  I doubt there's room here to cover all the movies I like, so I'll try for a sampling.  White Christmas (Musical), The Man Who Never Was (WWII based on a true story), Timeline (Sci-fi/Action), Three Daring Daughters (Musical), Cars 2 (Animated/Action), Marvel's The Avengers (Action), The Court Jester (Comedy/Musical), Fancy Pants (Comedy), The Miracle of the White Stallions (WWII based on a true story), Sergeant York (WWI based on a true story), Paycheck (Sci-fi/Action), Secret of the Wings (Animated), Robin Hood (Animated 1973), The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (Live Action 1952), The Jungle Book (Live Action 1994), The Inheritance (Drama/Romance)...etc. 

What do you think?  Why did/didn't you like/watch The Lone Ranger?