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                                                    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Troubled Skies (Book 4 of Silver Sagas)
Prince Cambrian and Captain Kimberlite investigate mysterious activity on the western edge of the Sky Fairy kingdom.
        From Chapter VIIIJennings scratched his chin thoughtfully.  It required a bit of mind stretching for him to think that far beyond his own structured military life.  He was unaccustomed to weighing a few lives against the collective fates of four kingdoms.
        **This book takes us into the realm of sci-fi/fantasy as we spend two weeks aboard the windship Falcon.  At first a windship was just a really neat idea.  Now, it's a monster.  I was asking my brother, who has some experience with sailing, how to sabotage a ship without sinking it.  He asked me, "What's holding it up?"  :-O  And my research branches off into whole new territories!
    For example:  Seamanship
                        The FAA website
                        Ceconite website
                        NC State University
                        How Airplanes Work
                        Wing Warping?
                        Wing Walking!!!
                        Types of Sailing Ships
                        Patching Airplane Fabric


Times Two - A stand alone novel science fiction novel.  What would you do if your future was in the past?
         **This is on pause at the request of someone I care about deeply.