Friday, July 5, 2013

Cause vs. Effect

The more I write, the more I notice things in other books.  For example, if I write that a character "stood up," I like to be sure that they weren't already standing.  That usually means scrambling back a couple of MWord pages to review the scene and the set-up. 
The other day I was rereading a book and was startled to realize that the author had included what seemed like a repeated action!  I read back through the scene to be sure, but came to the same conclusion.  By now, I can't even remember which book it was, let alone what the repeated action was. 
As an author, that makes me even more determined to keep that particular part of my storyline straight.  As a reader, I begin to realize how easy it is to forgive a small mistake.  Having someone die twice without explaining, well, that will throw the whole story off.  But having someone stand up twice?  :-)
Thank goodness for editors!