Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where is my writing going?

I don't aspire to be Louis L'Amour. When I read his books I usually skip the long, drawn out fight scenes. Yet, when I was writing today, I found myself just naturally describing the scene as it would have played out. In a life or death duel, there would be very tense moments. (Understatement?) Perhaps what really bothers me is that I never thought I could write a truly bad antagonist. Now I think I have. I'm not terribly pleased with the idea. It also worries me that my stories get darker. I've no desire to go down JK Rowling's path. Not that I could ever go that dark! But a life-or-death duel with swords? That's a far cry from the ball gown and crown stuff I've been writing.
I hope nobody "has" to skip the duel, if you know what I mean.  I do find that I get a big kick out of illustrating the inner conflict of my characters. I guess I also am finding that I'm writing what I believe.  Fighting for something that's worth fighting for is fine. But after the speeches and parades (if there are any) somebody's going to get hurt. In so many stories, it's an adrenalin pumping situation where the good guy gets a bruise and everybody else gets carried out. (Not in Louis L'Amour, obviously.) I rather like the fact that this hero of mine is realistic enough to take on a fight he can't possibly hope to win for the sake of hoping he can save everybody. that a spoiler?