Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reviews, from a writer's perspective

I wanted to share something I read today.  Randy Tatano, referring generally to a large portion of authors, stated: "They play not to lose, not willing to take enough chances or believe in their unique style. Many times when you play not to lose, you lose. The prevent defense often prevents you from winning. If you don’t send it out, it can’t get rejected. It’s the safe route..."
I'm sharing this quote because I agree with it!  Follow the link to the rest of the article, and skip about halfway down (just a thought).  That's about where the quote came from and where relating the article/concept to writing begins to take place.
So read the article (profanity warning) and bite the bullet.  Prepare your manuscript and either submit it or self-publish it, as you choose!  Don't wait for your borrowed courage to wear off - and don't let an opinion shatter your dreams.  I was terrified for years.  I got rejection letters from mere agents, when I was daring enough to send queries out. 
Who knows?  Maybe you'll be like me.  Now that I've found I can survive rejection, I find it is interesting to see how frustrating it is to receive minimal response to my writing!