Friday, July 26, 2013

"Look Inside" review of "Feyland: The Bright Court" by Anthea Sharp

Fascinating! Step into a world that's a brilliant mixture of sci-fi and fantasy, complete with some teenage heroes that are doing the best they can (with what they have) to fight the evil magic threatening to break into the mortal world.
I wish it was that easy to write a synopsis of my own work!  I would say this book is an obvious choice for semifinalist in the KBR 2013 Indie Author's competition. 
In keeping with my other reviews, I will state that there were two swear words in what I read.  I haven't read the entire book, but I did not get the feeling that either main character considered intimacy a way to pass a boring afternoon or a rite of passage that they were obsessed with accomplishing.  It is possible that the evil magic aspect will get rather dark, can't say more without potentially spoiling the effect of reading it for the first time, but so far it was just the impetus for the action and might well only venture far enough into a description of the evil to make it believable, rather than sinking into it like inescapable quicksand.
In short, I look forward to seeing Anthea Sharp's name on the list of those moving up in the competition come September 1st!