Monday, October 28, 2013

How Silver Sagas began

     I started writing Silver Princess as a means to capture a memory.  About sixteen years ago I was in an accident and was knocked unconscious.  Up to that point, I had no idea that I could be knocked unconscious!  I'd been clotheslined once before, while playing Red Rover at a Church Young Adult activity, and landed flat on a college football field.  No helmet.  After I recovered my breath, I walked away.  But when I came off a young horse and landed on a gravel path not far from my friend's house, well...Mother Nature had to throw some water in my face to wake me up.
     When I came to, blinking against the raindrops, I had no idea that single experience would spark a series of books.  Books about fairies, no less.  :-)  Someday maybe I'll try again to record the actual experience, who knows.  For now, I just wanted to state that I have never fainted, blacked out, or swooned.  So I'm not sure why Princess Rebecca fainted at the sight of Hugh's blood, at the end of the book, except that shock is a valid medical situation.  She survived the assassination, or I guess murder is more accurate, attempt, only to find that she'd been lucky.  And maybe she was just soft-headed by then, after getting knocked out twice before that in the storyline.  lol...
     Don't worry, I don't always play that roughly with my characters.  And they do tend to fight back, so it can get kind of interesting.  That's usually when I start floundering, because I know next to nothing about self-defense.  But Silver Sagas began as an accident, including the fact that it ever became a full-blown story instead of just a snapshot of something that happened to me when I was a kid.