Friday, September 27, 2013

Wonder Woman left out in the cold.

          Where's the new Wonder Woman movie?  TV show?  Something?

           I vote for Scarlett Johansson for the next Wonder Woman!  I haven’t seen all of her movies, but from what I have seen, she can play firm and funny, tough and feminine.  She’s attractive, smart, and young enough to stay with the role for a long run!  Which, if done properly, the Wonder Woman spin-off would most certainly have. 

She might even be the person to remind the lunkheads at corporate, the wardrobe personnel, and the writers, that FAMILY-oriented shows really rake in the money.  Instead of just selling to a narrow portion of the potential public, the show could/should appeal to everybody. 

If we’re incredibly lucky, the show might even make a break from the trend of “the public won’t notice the commercial time is getting longer.”  I have the original Wonder Woman series.  Each episode is actually almost an hour long!  I was stunned when I realized that.  My vote would be for the subtle advertising.  Have the heroine prefer a certain brand or flavor, then have her buddies stock it in their kitchens or order it while they wait for her at a restaurant.  She always buys her outfits at a particular store, drives a certain make of car, and sticks with one major credit card company.  Do they not think we notice??  If I could, I’d ask for a raise of hands to show how many people noticed the line in National Treasure: “We take Visa.”  Reaaaally?  I still want to know how much Visa paid for that mention!

The point is, the other superheroes have been done until I can’t be bothered to go watch their latest remake.  Super-man had a moment there when he found out he had a son out of wedlock, and Green Lantern was certainly an all-time low in the list of exceptions (well, it’s a toss-up between Green Lantern and The Lone Ranger), but Spider-man with a different girl-friend?  Immediately after they had a big hit trilogy? 

Back to Wonder Woman.  People/fans have high expectations for the continuation of this story.  It’s got to have more than great CGI.  It’s got to have a lot more than dimly lit, poorly filmed action sequences.  And yes, it has to have more than an exceptionally stunning female lead.  It’s got to have heart; it’s got to have a point – it should even have a moral.  I know that’s no longer a “politically correct” concept, but for me, that’s right up there with interesting characters.  I even quit watching King and Maxwell despite the interesting characters.

Quit trying to graph what makes entertainment entertaining!  Sahara had big explosions, but almost no hand to hand combat.  Bourne Legacy and The Avengers had hand to hand combat and loud explosions.  National Treasure didn’t have either.  They did all have heart, purpose, intriguing characters, and a moral dilemma.  They all had some humor.  “Lightning in a bottle.”  That’s what the original Star Wars was called.  Go ahead, shoot high.  Break the mold and make an old-fashioned, clean cut, star-spangled show.  It’s a sure-fire success.