Friday, August 9, 2013


Almost every written thing can be improved by editing it.  A one-liner is about as close to perfect as it gets, but if I had to select something to spend the rest of my life reading, it wouldn't be a single line on a sheet.  ;)
That being said, it's can be so hard to keep up with one's own thoughts sometimes!  It's possible to lose the next great thought while trying to find the words to express the first one.  (Yes, I'm using the term "great" loosely.) 
As usual, I'm trying to write and edit a story at the same time.  I hit Chapter Eleven before I really understood the story, though.  Lol, that's when I finally figured out what it's actual title will be (Troubled Skies) and how that impacts the expected storyline.  So  I'm back in Chapters 1-10, trying to iron it out.  It's a little like reaching the end of an essay and realizing that you've got an extra thousand words you can use.  Thankfully, I have time to review and flesh out plot points now.  I'm adding things that I didn't even know where missing until I got a look at the "big picture." 
No real growing pains yet, which is a good sign.  It's nice to think that I actually got the main points in the story the first time, especially when I remember that I've got three books already out there that were stepping stones (experience-wise as well as storyline-wise) on my way to this one! 
Well, off to Chapter 3.  I've been promising it to my editor/friend for a week now and hope to have it expounded(/expanded) well before midnight. 
I use asterisks to help me mark spots that I think will need reworking or a little research before I can properly write up the idea.  What are your tips for rewriting your work?